Special Events

Cosplay Masquerade

Join us on the main stage for Shurikon 2018’s Cosplay Masquerade. Watch cosplayers from all around Ireland get on stage and show of their handcrafted costumes before our special guest judges, Lux Cosplay, WarPanda Cosplay, and StuckShocker Cosplay (our 2017 cosplay masquerade winner), for the chance to win some amazing prizes. Sign up for the masquerade are available online and a few hours before before the event so keep an eye out!

Sign up HERE

Trash Cosplay

Get your crafting and creative brains in gear. In Trash Cosplay your teams are given the opportunity to show off your originality and creativity designing and crafting your own costumes from the materials provided. There will be a time limit and the best and most creative costume wins! The winner will be awarded a prize and entered into the cosplay masquerade if you so choose! Are you up for the challenge?


Do you have what it takes to sing toe to toe with your favourite artists?
Pop by our karaoke to lash some tunes amongst your friends. There will be thousands of tracks to choose from so belt out your favourite in our special karaoke set up.