This years Shurikon is packed with a wide range of amazing panels!

Gravity Falls Panel

The Gravity Falls panel is a fun Gravity Falls theme Q&A and games based around the show to play with our audience. It will be gravity falls vs reverse falls challenge.
Plenty of prizes and many laughs. We will all be cosplayed different characters and hoping to give everyone a great time.

Lux Cosplay Q&A

Ever wanted to know more about your favourite Cosplayer? Well Shurikon 2018 will give you the chance to ask them all you want to know. Our cosplay special guest Lux Cosplay will be joining us all the way from Austria to give a 1 hour Q&A on the main stage.


Ever wanted to get to know more about your favourite Youtubers? Well now you have the chance. Our special guest CDawgVA (Connor Colquhoun), the voice actor and gamer, will be joining us all the way from Wales to answer your questions in a 1 hour Q&A on the main stage.

Cosplay 101 with Kannascope & Guild of Nerds

Ever wanted to cosplay but felt at a loss at how to start? Don’t know anything about fabric? Foam? Wigs? Or about which online cosplay merchants are trustworthy? This event is for you! We’ve all had to start somewhere and this is to help you navigate those first few daunting steps.
Cosplay 101 is a panel hosted by cosplayer Kannascope in association with Guild of Nerds. It’s an open, friendly panel aiming to help people who want to get a start at cosplaying. It is an overview of the whole process followed by a Q&A session.

Armour Making 101 with StuckShocker

Stuckshocker Cosplay, who is also part New Wolf Studios, will be joining us at Shurikon 2018 to give a live, instructional guide on how he makes his fantastic cosplay armour.

A Day in Nerd Culture

Dan and Dave discuss how Dave is wrong about the Last Jedi.

Guild of Nerds Panel

Game Grumps style playthrough of Overwatch with Guild of Nerds. Where we will talk though the process of streaming and Microsoft streaming platform mixers.

CBK’s Kpop Panel

Are you a Kpop lover? Come along and test your knowledge and dance skills at CBK’s Kpop Panel. Get involved in the Kpop Quiz and the Kpop Random Dance Game. So put on your dancing shoe and bring along your friends! Whether you’re new to the Kpop scene or a long time fan, everyone is welcome.

Persona Q (and A): Battle for the Panel Ultimax
Ft. Lux Cosplay

Inspired by Atlus’ hit series, the 90’s meet the 2010’s as Persona Q(&A) pits five characters from the Persona series into a panel full of shenanigans!
Who is best girl from the recent trilogy? Can Yu Narukami impress Makoto Niijima? What if things don’t fall so civil in this pocket dimension?
A fun panel awaits you! So be amazed as we humiliate ourselves for your entertainment and hopefully have a good time with you guys!