Dungeon Master for Dummies
A panel to provide tips and tricks and advice for people wishing to start running games like ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and ‘Pathfinder’.
Screen reader support enabled.

The Hero Course: Boku No Hero Academia
Come and ask the Class of 1A and their teachers what life is like for the cast of My hero academia! Meet Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki and friends and ask them what life is like living in the UA dorms. From Quirks to friendship they’ll answer it all!

Straight Outta Kanto: Pokemon Creepy Pasta
This panel is based around the concept of the Dark Side of the Pokemon World. Everything from in-game Easter Eggs, strange fan theories, dark fan fiction, messed up Pokedex entries, how Japanese ancient and classical mythology relate to the Pokemon World, Yokai and their connection to Pokemon. The twisted relationship between humans and Pokemon and anything else the crowd throws at me!

Cosplay and Photography
Discussion on cosplay and photography from both a cosplayer  and a photographers perspective.

The Joy of Cosplay
If Bob Ross was a cosplayer, this would be the panel he’d hold. I just want to show people how cosplay can be beneficial for your mental health and all the perks of it! I also wanna share my tips and tricks for beginners and people that might just be a little bit nervous.

One Piece Talks: Species and DF’s
A discussion on the species and devil fruits in the One Piece anime.

Armor and Props by Deathknights
Basic 101 of working was foam and making props and armor.

Misty Chronexia Q&A
Our special guest all the way from Canada is here to answer all your burning questions  in our Misty Chronexia Q&A

Geek Eire presents Japanimation
Geek Eire podast presents a panel on Japanimation . The old term to sell and advertise anime . From its underground beginnings to its commerical success in the 90s and 00s . Its had a expanding history covering everything from tv shows to tabletop games

Super Eyepatch Wolf: How to Start a Video Game Podcast
Tips and tricks from Super Eyepatch Wolf who is part of the podcast ‘Lets Fight A Boss’

Tokusatsu Takeover
Talking about the various different tokusatsu (Japanese term for live action filming with added special effects), most of which are Japanese themselves: Godzilla, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Garo, Metal Heroes, Super Sentai (Japanese Power Rangers), Power Rangers and many, many more.




Creating Confidence in Aspiring Cosplayers
Cosplay is fun and common at conventions. Not everyone has that beaming confidence that cosplayers have, I know that for sure. By attending this panel, you will figure out how to find confidence in yourself and your cosplay abilities.

Axis Powers Hetalia Q&A
Another  world meeting is upon us and you,  yeah you can come and ask questions from your favourite countries.

Weird Anime: Theres an Anime for Everything
I have a theory that there is an anime for everything! I’m gonna prove it to be true by going through some of the most random things (sports, clubs, people who can also turn into random objects etc) that an anime can be based on!

Anime Divide and Conquer Game
A quiz game of randomness. where all the audience is part of the fun. Random questions, Random winners. With prizes to the winners.

How to Create a Successful Youtube Channel w/ Misty Chronexia
Our spcieal guest and successful YouTuber Misty Chronexia will be sharing his tips and tricks!

Trash Cosplay
Your teams are given the opportunity to show off your originality and creativity by designing and crafting your own costumes from the materials provided. The best and most creative costume wins!

Beginners Guide of Dungeons and Dragons
We will explain the table top roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons and provide tips and tricks in setting up a game, a character, delving into the world, exploring new ideas, getting the necessary equipment and how to schedule a session.

CBK are back with another exciting, audience inclusive K-Pop Panel! Bringing you an open discussion about your favourite Korean artists, interactive K-Pop games for the most experienced fans and a chance to win prizes in the Random Dance Game where you can put your skills to the test! Come along, meet other K-Pop fans and get to know the hosts with their Q&A session. Screen reader support enabled.

Existentialism and Anime: Understanding your Place in it All
The philosophical system of existentialism is intriguing, and anime is super exciting. Combining the two leads to some amazing storytelling. This panel is all about understanding the basic tenants of existentialism and how they shape some of the biggest, most influential anime ever made! With looks at Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, and more!

Cosplay Guest Q&A
This Cosplay Q&A will feature all 4 of our cosplay guests! Including Lara Wenegaer, Jay and Emily from Team Emerald Cosplay and Eimear From Obsidian Dragon Creations!