Misty Chronexia


Misty is a Canadian based YouTuber with a 1.2 million following. He is well known for his humorous takes on anime, which involve Anime Top 10’s, Guess the Anime, and various other anime skits. Over his 4 year YouTube career, he’s covered every anime under the sun, but largely appeals to the more comical side of it.

We hope you’re ready to see Misty (and his infamous accent) live in action at Shurikon 2019

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Lara Wegenaer


Lara has been cosplaying since 2013 and in that time has created everything from from unbelievable foam armours, like her “Sunblast Angel” pictured above, to amazing larger than life cosplay like her “Vulgrim” from DarkSiders.

She has worked with the gaming giant THQ, creators of Darksiders and Saints Row, and travelled around the world cosplaying with them! She has guested at such events as INSOMNIA Egypt and will be representing Germany in the OverWatch Cosplay Battle.

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Team Emerald Cosplay

Team Emerald aka Jay McKeown and Emily Waters are a cosplay couple and team in Ireland. They have cosplayed all over the country and won many awards both as a team and individually including Jays “Prometheus” cosplay coming first in last years Shurikons Cosplay pro category!
They have cosplayed everything from Lord of the rings to DC superhero’s. They’ve worked with foam, fabric, prosthetics and much more!

Photos taken by KewelWorld

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