Cosplay Rules

Shurikon Cosplay Rules

Cosplay should be fun for everyone attendees, guests, volunteers and the organisers included! So to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable con we have a few rules to do with cosplay at the convention. These rules must be followed or security have the right to remove you from the convention or refuse you entry.


Costume and Props:

  • Your costume and props MUST be able to fit through the convention door unassisted and you must be able to walk around the convention safely without fear of hurting yourself or others.
  • All props must be safe i.e. NO real weapons. Your prop cannot be heavy or sharp enough to be used as a weapon, if security or volunteers believe your prop can cause harm it will not be allowed into the convention and it will be confiscated.
  • Your costume must be decent. This is a family friendly event! This means all costumes must at least cover the same amount as a swimsuit.
  • No slingshot, projectiles or any pyrotechnics(including smoke bombs etc) are allowed in the con or while on stage. Everything you bring on with you should come off with you at the end of your performance.



  • COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. You MUST ask before taking pictures of attendees and you MUST have their consent before touching any part of their costume, prop or them. Please respect the cosplayers and their costume.
  • No excess swearing, remember there will be children at the event.
  • No indecent gestures or signs of any kind.
  • If someone doesn’t want you to take their picture DO NOT continue to ask them. It is their decision to have their photo taken and everyone must respect that.
  • We want the cosplay masquerade to be fun and easy for everyone! So please avoid messing or being obnoxiously loud when waiting to go on or when you are off stage waiting for the masquerade to finish. Everyone should be treated with respect and get the same chance to perform without being interrupted.

*Breaking of any of these rules will result in you being barred from the cosplay masquerade or removed from the con.*